Real3d VolViCon (v4.31.0422):
VolViCon is an advanced application for three-dimensional visualization and image analysis of well-known modalities such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), ultrasound, and x-rays images. It provides a wide variety of tools to analyze volume and surface data. It gives features for exporting 3D surfaces or volume as triangular mesh files for creating physical models using 3D printing technologies. It also provides high-quality visualization, linear and angular measurement tools, and various types of markups. It takes a single raw volume file or a sequence of 2D (i.e., DICOM) files and reconstructs 3D volume (voxels) and mesh (surfaces) models. more...

Version System Size Release Date Total Downloads       New Features & Changes
4.31.0422 Win64-x64 50.08 MB 2022.04.09
  • Added lots of new features, major GUI improvements, fixes, enhancements, and more. changes...
  • 3.2.2 Win64-x64 34.37 MB 2019.08.11 1157
  • Added Image Series import feature to visual images as volume. Added manual adjustable Spacing between Slices.

  • Minimum Hardware:

  • Minimum processor Intel® Core™2 Penryn, Intel® Core™ i7, or AMD Bulldozer.
  • Dedicated NVIDIA or AMD with at least 128 MB Video Graphic Adapter (VGA) and OpenGL 2.1 support
  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM, however, the actual main memory needed to load a complete project depends on the size of the data set and on the analyses performed, and will usually be significantly higher.
  • Install Visual Studio 2022 Redistributable ( x64 - x86 ) and Microsoft .NET 6.0 Runtime ( x64 - x86 ) to use Real3d apps.
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