Real3d Web Viewer (Online 3D Viewer for Volume and Surface Visualization):
Real3d Web Viewer is a standalone web application that provides powerful yet useful rendering features for volume and surface data visualization. It can be used to load VTI (voxel data in ascii, binary and binary+zlib), STL, and OBJ file formats from URL or from local drive. It works perfectly fine on all desktop and mobile web browsers. Here is the link to the Web Viewer, try it:

Version Browser Platform Release Date Total Clicks       New Features & Changes
1.2.1 All All 2020.04.03 4472
  • Major GUI improvements, fixes, enhancements, and more. changes...

  • Minimum Hardware:

  • PC, mobile devices, any other gadgets that supports web browsing.
  • Adjust 3D settings of your GPU in NVIDIA/AMD "Control Center". Select "High-performance NVIDIA processor" under "Preferred graphics processor". Then select "Prefer maximum performance" in "Power management mode".
  • Use maximum interactive quality for high quality visualization if you have fast GPU (select Maximum menu item in the web viewer).