VolViCon is an advanced application for three-dimensional visualization and image analysis of well-known modalities such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), ultrasound, and x-rays images. It provides a wide variety of tools to analyze volume and surface data. It gives features for exporting 3D surfaces or volume as triangular mesh files for creating physical models using 3D printing technologies. It also provides high-quality visualization, linear and angular measurement tools, and various types of markups. It takes a single raw volume file or a sequence of 2D (i.e., DICOM) files and reconstructs 3D volume (voxels) and mesh (surfaces) models.

Import / Export Features

  • Supported file formats for import and export
  • Import and export current working environment as a project file (save your time and start working again where you left off)
  • Import support of well-known volume data, DICOM (including various encodings of JPEG, RLE), and 3D mesh file formats
  • Export support of well-known volume data as single file and DICOM slices as BMP, PNG, JPEG and TIFF (Convert DICOM to JPG or volume format)
  • Export support of DICOM slices as 3D mesh / surface model (Convert DICOM to mesh format i.e., STL, PLY, VRML, OBJ, IV)
  • Export slice stacks as a video file (i.e., MP4, AVI)
  • Export screenshots (including: BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF)
  • Import and export support for 3D landmarks/markups
  • Support for rendering multiple volumes/DICOM, and meshes
  • Mesh / surface reconstruction from volume/DICOM
  • Real-time mesh / surface reconstruction/rendering over volume rendering
  • Import and export support for opacity transfer function presets for volume visualization

Rendering / Tools

  • Support for creating various types of markups (landmarks/labels/fiducials) that are dynamically synchronized between all views
  • Support for saving all changes such as markups position, color, etc. for later use
  • Support for auto volume segmentation
  • Support for image analysis with various low-pass, high-pass and thresholding filters
  • Support for interactive surface editing
  • Interactive clipping planes support for volume visualization
  • Crop volume with an Interactive clipping box
  • Slice manipulation facilities (zoom, pan, rotation, brightness/contrast, etc.)
  • Distance and angle measurement tools.
  • Support of gradient presets with import and export feature
  • Volume transformation (reorientation and translation) and clipping tools
  • Interactive transformation to transform the mesh model with mouse interaction
  • Share surface/mesh models with Volume and Slice views to visualize transformation change simultaneously in all views
  • 3D mesh / surface cleaning, decimation, hole-filling, segmentation, aligning, comparing filters
  • High-quality (GPU) volume rendering projection
  • Pre-defined volume rendering presets
  • FDK cone beam reconstruction (transforms a set of 2D projection frames into a reconstructed 3D volume)

Highlighting New Features

Highlights new features and analysis tools that are added to V4.2 with examples

Intro to Markup Module

Demonstrates how to use the markup module in V4.2

Preparing Data for 3D Printing

Demonstrates how to prepare data for 3D printing using V4.2

Features in V4

Demonstrates new features and mesh tools that are added to V4.2

Extract Surface in 3 Clicks

reconstruction of 3D surfaces as triangular meshes for creating physical models using 3D printing technologies.

Step 1 - Import Volume or Images 

Import single volume data file or stack of (DICOM) Images

Step 2 - 3D Mesh / Surface Preview 

Go to “Surface Extraction” tab under “Volume” tab and click on “Preview”, the surface will be generated and a live preview of the extractable iso-surface will be renderered over the volume model.

Step 3 - Extract 3D Mesh / Surface

Adjust or specify the ISO value that controls the output of the extractable mesh / surface. Cropping or clipping using six clip planes can also be adjusted while previewing. Finally, press the “Extract” button.

Step 4 - Export as 3D Mesh File

Reconstructed mesh can be renderered as wireframe or points with flat or phong shading. The mesh can also be decimated or smoothed before exportation.


A new version of VolViCon has been released with lots of new features and improvement. (Changelog)

Version System Size Release Date Total Downloads
4.31.0422 win64-x64 50.08 MB 2022.04.09
3.2.2 win64-x64 34.37 MB 2019.08.11 1123

How to Cite in Academic Publications (Citation)

Additional Info

3D Reconstruction Perform a multi-planar reconstruction of CT, MRI, ultrasound, and industrial x-ray scans. Axial, coronal, and sagittal slicing.
Volume rendering Various interactive volume visualization are provided to explore 2D/3D data. View slice-surface intersections.
Surface extraction Extract iso-surface from volumetric data, export the surfaces, and/or place landmark primitives (fiducial, polyline, indicator, etc.) on them.
Surface rendering Interactive surface rendering or loaded surfaces or extracted surface from volumetric data.
Single point Place a single point as a landmark at relevant locations.
Length Pick two points and compute the length between them.
Angle Pick three points (two lines) and compute the angle between them.
Indicator Place a reference indicator text at relevant locations.
Cross Pick four points and compute the cross-distance between them.
Line Place a line by specifying two end-points coordinate to visualize the length between them.
Plane Pick a center point to draw a user-interactive plane with controls.
Project Format Extensions Import Export
VolViCon Project *.vvcx Yes Yes
Markup/Landmark *.xml Yes Yes
Volume Preset *.dat Yes Yes
Volume Data Format Extensions Import Export
Analyze *.hdr Yes Yes
MetaImage *.mha *.mhd Yes Yes
ImageData *.vti Yes Yes
UMDS GIPL *.gipl Yes Yes
LSM *.lsm Yes Yes
Nearly Raw Raster Data *.nrrd Yes Yes
NRRD with detached header *.nhdr Yes Yes
NIfTI *.nii *.nii.gz Yes Yes
RAW Data *.raw Yes Yes
Volume Data *.vol Yes Yes
IMG Data *.img Yes Yes
Binary Data *.bin Yes Yes
Image Stack Format Extensions Import Export
JPEG *.jpeg Yes Yes
PNG *.png Yes Yes
BMP *.bmp Yes Yes
DICOM *.dcm Yes Yes
TIFF *.tiff *.tif Yes Yes
Video *.mp4 *.avi No Yes
Surface/Mesh Format Extensions Import Export
Stereolithography *.stl Yes Yes
Stanford Polygon *.ply Yes Yes
Wavefront Object *.obj *.mtl Yes Yes
BYU *.g Yes Yes
VRML *.vrml *.wrl Yes Yes
VTP *.vtp Yes Yes
X3D *.x3d No Yes
Points *.xyz Yes Yes

Loving the additions to the new version of Real3d VolViCon. It's a great, cleanly designed, user-friendly, volume data analysis and visualization program. So easy to use and robust. Please let us know if you want to add features of your requirement or businss collaboration.



"VolViCon is no doubt an elegant software for 3D image analysis and visualization. I couldn't find any other software that supports the visualization of multiple and large volume data, reconstructed surfaces, and landmark/markup in 3D. To save the current working environment as a project file has been an absolute lifesaver. I appreciate that the latest version has been released recently which feels fast, stable, and bugs free. Thank you!"


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    Full version features
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  • You can export slices and images.
  • You can export surfaces/meshes.
  • You won't have a time limit.
  • You can get free software updates.
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