Real3d Scanner » Supported 3D Geometry File Formats

3D Geometry Formats Extensions Import Export
Stanford Polygon *.ply Yes Yes
Stereolithography (ascii and binary) *.stl Yes Yes
Wavefront Object *.obj Yes Yes
Geomview Object File Format *.off Yes Yes
3D Studio MAX *.3ds Yes Yes
VRML (v1.0 and v2.0) *.wrl Yes Yes
X3D *.x3d Yes Yes
Inventor 3D Graphics v2.1 *.iv Yes Yes
COLLADA *.dae Yes Yes
OpenCTM Compressed Format *.ctm Yes Yes
Scanned PointCloud *.ply.pcloud Yes Yes
PointCloud XYZ *.xyz Yes Yes
ASC ascii Triplets PointCloud *.asc Yes Yes
Points *.pts Yes Yes
Unreal *.3d Yes No
AC3D *.ac Yes No
3DSMAX ASE *.ase Yes No
BlitzBasic 3D *.b3d Yes No
Blender 3D *.blend Yes No
Biovision BVH *.bvh Yes No
TrueSpace *.cob Yes No
CharacterStudio Motion *.csm Yes No
AutoCAD DXF *.dxf Yes Yes
3D GameStudio (3DGS) *.hmp, *.mdl Yes No
Irrlicht (Mesh and Scene) Formats *.irrmesh, *.irr Yes No
LightWave Formats *.lwo, *.lws Yes Yes
Modo *.lxo Yes No
Quake MD Formats *.md2, *.md3 Yes No
Doom 3 *.md5 Yes No
Milkshape 3D *.ms3d Yes No
Neutral File Format *.nff Yes No
Ogre XML *.mesh.xml Yes No
Quick3D Formats *.q3d, *.q3s Yes No
PovRAY Raw *.raw Yes No
Valve Model Format *.smd Yes No
Terragen Terrain *.ter Yes No
Direct X *.x Yes Yes
Quick3D Formats *.q3d, *.q3s Yes No
XGL CAD Formats *.xgl, *.zgl Yes Yes
Quick3D Formats *.q3d, *.q3s Yes No
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) *.ifc, *.ifczip Yes No
P Mesh *.pmesh No Yes
Live Graphics 3D *.m No Yes
Visualisation Toolkit ASCII *.vtk Yes Yes
GNU Triangulated Mesh *.gts No Yes
JavaScript JSON *.json No Yes
IDTF *.idtf No Yes
Renderware ASCII *.rwx No Yes
AMF Additive Manufacturing File *.amf No Yes
Face Data File Format *.fcs Yes Yes
U3D (3D PDF ready) File Format *.u3d No Yes

Real3d Scanner » Supported 2D Image File Formats

2D Image Formats Extensions Import Export
DICOM *.dcm Yes 3D Mesh
JPG *.jpg, jpeg, jp2, jpe Yes Yes
BMP *.bmp Yes Yes
PNG *.png Yes Yes
TIFF *.tif, *.tiff Yes Yes
DIB *.dib Yes Yes
PGM *.pgm Yes Yes
PPM *.ppm Yes Yes
PBM *.pbm Yes Yes
RAS *.ras Yes Yes
SR *.sr Yes Yes