System Information Retriever - SIR

SIR is portable application for Windows that displays information of the system’s hardware and OS. It is a must have tool for every computer user, it does not require installation, you can run it directly from a USB flash drive, without worrying that it might affect your registry. It displays all the important information of the system on one page, which can be printed out by pressing the print button.

It features a simple interface that displays:

  • General system information such as computer name, system type, notebook model and manufacturer, memory, MAC Address, domain
  • Bios manufacturer, version, release date
  • Operating system details
  • CPU type, clock, cache, family, manufacturer, ID number
  • Motherboard model, manufacturer, bus type, serial number
  • Video cards internal and external, video mode, driver version, chip type, memory
  • Hard drive name, size, and serial number, usb drive and serial number
  • Additional information: CD/DVD Rom, Sound card, Network Card, Printer, and Notebook battery

  • It’s a handy tool to carry on a USB stick to quickly view system information on any computer.


    Latest version 1.0.4 released on 2013.12.30. (fixed compatibility issues with Windows 8.1)

    Previous version 1.0.3 was released on 2013.10.03.
    Previous version 1.0.2 was released on 2013.08.27.