About Us

Real3d, founded in 2012, focuses on research & development and feature-packed advanced 3D software solutions. We specialize in

  • 2D/3D image processing (2D/3D computer vision, medical imaging (DICOM, CT, MRI, ultrasound, x-ray),
  • 3D image analysis and visualization,
  • 3D scanners (industrial structured-light, dental desktop, and intraoral scanners),
  • 2D/3D industrial inspection,
  • Defect (NDT) analysis solutions using image processing techniques and AI (ML/DL),
  • point-cloud and mesh processing systems,
  • 3D virtual simulators,
  • 3D web applications,
  • and more

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    Our Story

    Real3d was founded by Dr. Furqan Ullah in early 2012 through his passion for programming and advanced tech. He grew Real3d in South Korea from himself and a laptop.