Real3d Renderer

Real3d Renderer is a 3D point cloud and triangular mesh processing software. It can be used for high-quality 3D visualization, processing, and editing of point cloud and triangular mesh. It offers a large number of features (i.e., triangulation, smoothing, cleaning, filtering, decimation, reconstruction, registration, merging, and hole filling, etc.) for processing point clouds and meshes produced by 3D digitization tools/devices and for preparing models for 3D printing.

  • Open large number of meshes and point clouds
  • Import and export of well-known 3D geometry file formats including PLY, STL, OBJ, OFF, 3DS, WRL, X3D, IV, XYZ, PTS, ASC, BLEND, and more....
  • Reconstruct surfaces from points clouds.
  • Process meshes using many feature preserving smoothing and fairing algorithms.
  • Perform mesh registration/alignment, cleaning, merging, hole filling, voxelization, etc.
  • Perform mesh decimation while maintaining fidelity.
  • Transform mesh using interactive gizmo.
  • Render UV textures on meshes.
  • Render textures, materials, colors, lights, edges, silhouette edges, etc.
  • Render any OpenGL Shader. You can write and apply your own shader.
  • Create quality snapshots for illustrations by applying various materials and shaders.
  • Record rendering screen as a video *.avi file. Perfect for 360 rotation animation.
  • Animate Motion Capture (Mo-Cap) ACM/ASF and BVH file formats.
  • Videos

    Real3d Renderer offers a variety of features to impliment alpha blending with and without shaders. Vertex and fragment shaders can be written in execution or real-time time to achieve the desired results.

  • Transform mesh using interactive gizmo.
  • Render UV textures on meshes.
  • Render textures, materials, colors, lights, edges, silhouette edges, etc.
  • 3D Scanning Tools

    A common need when converting the (scanned) pointclouds data into triangular meshes or generating a geometry with the same shape and features but with less or high triangles (or points).

  • Surface reconstruction from points
  • Alignment ICP and CPD based alignment tool
  • Fine registration of meshes
  • Merging of multiple meshes
  • Simplification/Decimation/Subdivision

    Real3d Renderer offers different algorithms to decimate triangulated surfaces that have ability to preserve geometrical detail and texture mapping. In other cases, if the user wants to increase the number of triangles (or points), Real3d Renderer also provides different subdivision schemes.

  • Weld near-by vertices (reduce mesh resolution while preserving the shape features and even texture coordinates)
  • Feature angle based decimation (reduce mesh resolution)
  • Feature preserving smoothing and fairing filters
  • Subdivision surfaces (linear, loop, and butterfly)
  • Visualization and Presentation

    Real3d Renderer offers various visualization features (including Decorators and Shaders) that can help in graphically present the peculiar characteristics of a 3D model.

  • OpenGL Shader based rendering (write your own shader!)
  • Create quality snapshots for illustrations by applying various materials and shaders.
  • Skybox environment
  • Scene animation
  • Mesh Cleaning

    Real3d Renderer offers hole filling algorithm to obtain watertight meshes. It also provides various algorithms for cleaning, smoothing, refinement, and aligning of 3D pointclouds and meshes.

  • Removal of duplicated, unreferenced vertices, null faces
  • Removal of small isolated components
  • Coherent normal unification and flipping
  • Erasing of non manifold faces
  • Automatic filling of holes
  • Interactive selection and deletion of portion of the mesh or point-cloud
  • Measurements

    Real3d Renderer offers different ways to measure the distance between two selected points, angle between three selected points, and 3D coordinates at any point. It provides various options to change the color, font size, style of the widgets, and mouse interaction.

    Scaling, Positioning and Orienting

    Real3d Renderer offers a variety of features to manipulate the scale, positioning and orientation of a 3D model, including basic transformation operations like translation/scaling/rotation, interactive manipulators for rotation/translation/scaling, and many others.

  • Transform mesh using interactive gizmo.
  • Mo-cap Animation

    Real3d Renderer offers a support to import and animate Motion Capture ACM/ASF and BVH file formats.


    Latest version 2.0.1227 released on 2020.12.27.
    Previous version 1.3.4 released on 2019.09.29.
    First version 1.0.1 released on 2017.06.12.

    Order Procedure
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  • Generate the hardware key on the computer for which the license is required
  • Send us the generated hardware key file via email
  • Once the payment and the hardware key are received, we will send you the license file for the requested (e.g. Pro) version in a reply of your email (usually within 24 hours).

  • How to generate hardware key of your PC (download the help document in pdf)

    Execute Real3d Renderer and go to -> Menu -> Help -> Register Product...-> Check the second option -> Fill the form and Save the file -> send that saved file to us via email (mentioned in Register Product... dialog). Please do not forget to attach the saved *.dat file with your email before pressing the send button.

    Important: For your convenience, the license file that will be sent to you, will allow you to use the same license in more than one Windows (Multiple Windows on One PC). It will be valid even if you reinstall the Windows.

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    Pro version features:
  • You can use it commercially.
  • You can import and export more than 60 well-known 3D geometry file formats.
  • You can get free software updates.
  • You can get E-Mail technical support.