Real3d Scanner V2 » Virtual 3D Scanner » Introduction:

Real-time virtual 3D scanner is a high resolution DFP technology based virtual scanner that scans virtual or CAD objects in the virtual environment. It performs projection of computer generated fringe patterns onto the virtual 3D object, images capturing, point cloud acquisition, reconstruction, color texturing, and display processes, simultaneously. The virtual system comprises a virtual camera, a virtual projector, and a virtual reference plane. All the virtual parameters can be adjusted according to the real-world 3D shape measurement system. In order to scan a virtual object in real-time, the fringe pattern images are generated by the phase-shifting algorithm, projected onto the virtual object through a virtual projector, the real-time switched images are captured by a virtual camera, and the 3D shape of the object from deformed fringe patterns is then extracted and displayed. All processes are performed instantaneously and quickly in real-time.
The difference between the virtual scanner and the real-world 3D scanner is that the geometric relationship between the camera and the projector is precisely defined in the virtual setup that is extremely difficult in the real-world scanner. Therefore, 3D coordinates acquisition, reconstruction, and display processes become very simplified and precise in the virtual setup.

Real3d Scanner V2 » Virtual 3D Scanner » Features:
  • It has ability to scan high resolution point cloud and triangular surface with texture and color information of any 3D Virtual/CAD object in real-time.
  • Various phase shifting algorithms are introduced.
  • Fringe pattern images of different sizes can be generated.
  • Both horizontal and vertical patterns can be generated.
  • Moiré technology is also introduced. Moiré patterns (i.e., 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step) can be generated and implemented.
  • Phase can be wrapped using 3-step, 4-step, 5-step, and Carrié algorithms.
  • Phase unwrapping can be performed using left-to-right, flood-fill, and multilevel quality guided algorithms.
  • Various phase-to-coordinate conversion algorithms are included.
  • Both collimating and non-collimating projections can be applied.
  • The reconstructed point cloud data can also be exported into triangular surfel model.
  • The system supports various well-known 3D mesh formats such as *.stl, *.obj, and *.ply.

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