Online Free Books
  1. Wonderful Free Books for C, C++, OpenGL, etc.
Books - CAD, Graphics, and Computer Vision
  1. Matrix Analysis
  2. Online books of Robert. M. Gray
  3. Historical Math Monographs @ Cornell University
  4. An intro to modern OpenGL (A complete book)

  1. Haptics Books ("Force and Touch Feedback for Virtual Reality")

Some Recommended OpenGL Books:
  1. The Red Book "OpenGL Programming Guide" (free online available, must read for beginers.)
  2. OpenGL SuperBible 1st to 5th Edition (for game programmers, professionals, developers, beginners etc.)
  3. Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)
  4. Opengl Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning Opengl
  5. An Interactive Introduction To Opengl Programming (Nice PPT)
  6. 3D Computer Graphics: A Mathematical Introduction with OpenGL
  7. OpenGL Shading Language, 3/E
  8. Graphic Gems Package: Graphics Gems III
  9. Beginning OpenGL Game Programming